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Devon Mitchell is a Portland artist who specializes in oil painting and raising a young daughter. She began painting when she was two years old at the Berkeley Child Art Studio in California. There, over a ten year period, she developed her passion for artistic expression under the guidance of Miriam de Uriarte. This magically messy studio, with its walls and floors blanketed with drips of paint, inspired Devon's earliest forays into the delightful world of spontaneous painting. It continues to inspire her. In 2012, Devon Mitchell and Hannah Mickunas co-founded the nonprofit Portland Child Art Studio here in Portland, Oregon, thus recreating for a new generation of children the inspirational studio experience she herself so enjoyed while growing up.

In 2007, Devon took 108 bus rides throughout much of South America, gazing at the passing landscape as it shifted and changed. She decided to be a painter again. Finding a place to call home in Bogota, she pursued a private apprenticeship with Colombian artist Miguel Moyano, who provided her with an intensive educational introduction to formal drawing and painting. She followed this up by completing a BA in painting from Portland State University.

Devon is a landscape painter. Her home studio sits uniquely between the vastness of Forest Park and the industrial zone by Highway 30. Many of her paintings reflect the dynamic confluence of these spaces where margins converge in surprisingly provocative ways. She paints upon wood panel and rabbit skin gesso, beginning by pouring and dripping inks to create an initial abstract layer of texture and color. With subsequent layers of oil paint and cold wax, Devon transforms random texture and color into suggestive form and landscape. This process, this physical act of conceptual exploration, ultimately leads her to produce paintings that embody the tension between abstraction and representation.
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